This is a border song. The places named delimit the frontiers of Lost At Sky's
stamping ground in opposite pairs: e.g. Arcon zinc mine in Galmoy is
the northwest extreme, Ferrymountgarret the southeast. Again, cherchez la femme.

Recorded at Simmer & Hackle Studios, Lost At Sky, Kilkenny.
Simon Bourke: guitars, bass, mando, harmonica, voice; Eoghan Bourke: guitars

Marbleville - words and music Simon Bourke

Sad as a willow, tall as a pine
She was the very first tree I ever climbed
She was the very first lake I ever swam
When I was a young river, I met my first dam

 From the Arcon zinc mine to Ferrymountgarret
From the brickyards at Comer to the bridge at Fiddown
Nobody knows me, the way that she knows me
I pray that she never leaves old Marbletown 

Hours beyond number I stood at her gate
Counted the cobblestones, counted the slates
She kissed my swollen lips until they were sore
Then she'd kiss them better and we'd kiss some more

 From the pitheads at Ballingarry to the lime kilns at Ballyellen
From the Budweiser brewery and 40 miles round
Nobody loves me the way that she loves me
Now she's talking of leaving old Marbletown 

I went to London and she did the same
These things just happen and no one's to blame
Everything one did, the other did worse
I have dug a dozen love-graves but hers was the first 

From the King's River mills to the stook of Mt Leinster
From the docks at Rosbercon to the crown of Spa Hill
No one will ever love me the way that she loves me
And I'll die if she ever leaves old Marbleville