You have to make sacrifices for your music and one of the main
ones is: designer stubble. If you attempt to play a cheap mouth harp in a
neckholder while wearing a few days' growth, man, that's the most
painful shave you'll ever endure. Plus, when a bristle gets caught
down the wrong end of the scale, bum notes ensue. If you see a
dude with stubble playing mouth harp in a neckholder, he's got
either a really top-end harp, or Photoshop. Believe me.

Recorded at Simmer & Hackle Studios, Lost At Sky, Kilkenny.
Simon Bourke: guitars, bass, mando, harp, voices; Eoghan Bourke: guitars

Sometime Before Morning - words and music Simon Bourke

I'm lying here stroking, your impassive skin
I'm listening to the tiny ticking sound
Of the minute tonic bubbles, in your forsaken gin
I'm counting dreams crashing to the ground 

I'm lying here smoking, weighed down by chains
You're too close for comfort, it's too hot to sleep
We've got iron in our souls and rust in our veins
And love's leaden wings are too tired to sleep 


Some time before morning, I will dream you young again
And fool myself into loving you the way that I did then
Some time before morning, why don't you dream me in my prime?
Then wake up and make love to me like that one more time 

We've been climbing a mountain, pushing dreams as big as boulders
The higher you push them the further they fall
It's time to stop crying and cursing our bruised shoulders
Let broken down hopes lie just where they sprawl 

Everything concrete, will crumble to dust
Metal will perish and timber will rot
All that you're left with are the things you can't touch
Love ain't all you need but it's all that you've got