The lyrics here are pretty self-explanatory. The demon liquor
and unrequited parastiism!

Recorded at Simmer & Hackle Studios, Lost At Sky, Kilkenny.
Simon Bourke: guitars, bass, voice; Eoghan Bourke: guitars

Trapped In The Bottle - words and music Simon Bourke

I’m trapped in the bottle, Jeanie got out
I’ve wasted my wishes on wishing an end to the drought
One went on brandy, one went on stout
and the last one went on gin and tonic
I’m trapped in the bottle, Jeanie got out
and Jeanie says, Jeanie says
Ain’t that ironic? 

Jeanie is beautiful and Jeanie is fly,
Jeanie is gone and left me a million miles behind
I straightened the seam of her nylons
with trembling fingers, from ankle to thigh yesterday
Once it was Jeanie who needed my help.
It was I picked her up every time that she fell
And she fell spectacularly
She was trapped in the bottle and I set her free, now it’s me 

I’m trapped in the bottle, the label says ‘fool’
One hundred percent and the proof is
I couldn’t be cruel
But she was my sustenance, she was my fuel
She was both my cross and Bible
I’m trapped in the bottle Jeanie got out
And Jeanie says, Jeanie says
In one word: survival

I wake every day in a carnage of sheets
A taste in my mouth and a lingering smell of defeat
I wake in a lather of sweat
Trying to remember the thing that I drank to forget
Jeanie I said I will lie by your side
You don’t have to love everyone that you ride
But you don’t have to ride everybody you see
It seems that you’re ready to ride anybody but me

Oh Jeanie stay watch me sink
The least that you owe me is one lousy drink
Oh Jeanie don’t even think about leaving